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randomness never felt so good

9 February
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Well lets see, I was born in England, moved to Canberra in Australia when I was really young, I’m currently studying architecture at the university of Canberra and loving it. I float between all different types of music, but my favourites are Hardcore, Happy Harcore, Gabber, UK OldSkool, Metal, Folk and Heavy Metal. I go to raves in Sydney at least once a month and sometimes more. i usually go out every weekend, atleast 2 times, sometimes more jsut for something to do...im always straight edge, I don’t drink, I’ve never been drunk!, I don’t smoke, never had a puff on a ciggy! And I’ve never pilled or tried weed or anything... its not for any reason, just tha ti dont like the taste of any alchoholic drinks, the smell of weed or smoke, and all the side effects from pills (throwing up, gurning, being scat the next few days). I love lying on the grass and staring at the sky, whether it is day or night. When I go to raves, I spend hours staring at the lasers and lights, I love the colours and the patterns and the rhythm. i am strange...
'i was born this way, i will die this way, i am, hardcore by nature!'
all nighters, architecture, bang!, big day out, big speakers, biking, black, blacklights, blue, brisk, candy ravers, catscan, chemical brothers, clothes, clubs, concord dawn, dance, dance music, dancing, dandy warhols, denon, diesel green, dj, dj brisk, dj hellraiser, dj hixxy, dj isaac, dj neopyhte, djing, djs, dj’s, endymion, escapism, evil activities, flying, forze records, franz ferdinand, freedom, friends, gabber, girls, glow in the dark, glowsticks, godspeed, happy, happy hardcore, hardcore, hardcore trance, heavy metal, hellraiser, imagination, individuality, insomina, kandi, kandy kids, kisses, lasers, lava lamps, lights, love, masters of ceremony, meeting people, memories, metallic colours, metallica, mist, movies, mp3's, music, my room, neon, neophyte, neophyte records, next generation records, nightclubs, nighttime, nye, parties, party, paul elstak, people, pharmacy, phat pants, photos, pitch black, plur, pool, prophecy, q-tex, rainbows, randomness, rapids, rave, rave boys, rave girls, raver, raver baby, raver boys, raver girls, ravers, raves, raving, reel big fish, rivers, rob gee, rotterdam hardcore, rotterdam records, rotterdam terror corps, scott brown, silver, smiling, snuggling, soccer, staring at the sky, stars, stereos, storms, strobe lights, summer, sunrise, sunset, sydney, terror traxx, the moon, the prodigy, the prophet, the white stripes, thunderdome, transmission, travelling, university of canberra, utopia, uv, volleyball, warehouse, water, waterfalls, women